Taking things Above and Beyond: Stratosphere Tower Hotel Las Vegas

The imposing thousand-feet tower is one of the most well-known and iconic landmarks of Las Vegas, and more importantly, is a stunning hotel that provides accommodation and entertainment unlike any other hotels in the city.

What sets Stratosphere Tower above its competition is its pristine yet cutting-edge rooms that has luxury bedding items, including comfortable and clean sheets, soft duvets and lounge chairs and down pillows that ensures you of a good’s nights sleep. Though a lot of hotels in Las Vegas have their own little things that aims to make customers feel great about their stay, nothing beats Stratosphere’s features, including 40-inch flat LED TVs, granite counter tops, in-room safety deposit boxes, and little conveniences like MP3 alarm clocks, modern bathroom fixtures and living room decors.

More than that, the Stratosphere offers its customers a more exciting face of Las Vegas vacation with the X-Scream, a giant ride that plummets riders over the edge of the Stratosphere and back, and that’s just one of its popular rides, not mentioning here SkyJump, Bigshot plus many more. Sounds equal parts terrifying and exhilarating, doesn’t it? But if you’re more into the less dangerous yet equally fascinating casino games, the 80,000 square foot floor area casino should sate your need for poker machines, card games, table top games and the like.

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