Play Blackjack with a Splash at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas

The Caesar’s Palace is by far one of the most iconic Las Vegas landmarks, and it’s not just because of its imposing structure or its brilliant lights at night, but because of its luxurious amenities that are a cut above any other amenities you can find in other Las Vegas hotels.

It is a universal knowledge that Caesar’s Palace houses the five legendary Roman pools named after different gods and goddesses or a name related to or close to mythology. But there’s an even more interesting twist to that. Incorporating a most interesting feature of their casino game, the Blackjack card game, gives Caesar’s Palace’s The Fortuna Pool its glory and fame. From the name Fortuna, you can deduce that there’s a lot of luck required here, and so it should, considering that this pool offers its guest their “swim-up blackjack” where guests can play with others a hand of blackjack while lounging at the clear waters of their pool.

Gamblers who like to pass their time doing what they love best yet get to relax and bask in the loveliness of a Caesar’s Palace poolside. If you’re an avid blackjack fan and you’d like to try your luck, The Fortuna Pool is a great place to socialize, relax, and start getting your game on!

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