Monthly Mouthfuls: Harrah’s KGB Burger Promo!

When dining out in Las Vegas, you just can’t miss out on Harrah’s ultimate foodie promo at KGB Burger and Vodka Bar. The scent of hot-off-the-grill beef, roasted peppers and onions, cheese and tortilla are all too appetizing to pass up. Who can resist a perfectly toasted jalapeno cheddar bun with a thick grilled patty with everything delectable in it?

A burger is only a burger, but when it’s KGB burger there’s so much more going on for it taste-wise. Grilled to perfection and paired with a hearty set of fries and a tall glass of shake to cool up after the hot first bite. All these and more are the offerings of KGB burger for the National Burger Month.

This month’s burger of the month is the Mushroom Swiss Burger which is as perfect as it sounds. Along with a bucket—literally—of fries, it comes with a sexy glass of creamy mango shake topped with whipped cream and mint sprigs. And that’s only for June. What’s in store for you come July is the heart-stopping Breakfast Burger with all the best things that can make one’s day! A thick, juicy patty and a large serving of sunny side up eggs all runny and gooey and smelling like sunshine.

If burgers are your thing, then you know where to go! You ready to meet your burger match in Las Vegas?

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