Fantastic Tours in the Valley of Death

Does going on a day tour at the Death Valley a.k.a Land of Extremes sound appealing to you? Well it should! Your Las Vegas experience wouldn’t be complete without a tour at the outskirts of it. More than its threatening name, going to Death Valley is one of the most awesome tours you will ever take, as Death Valley has long been famed for its astounding rock formations and the tough flora and fauna that inhabits it.

The Mojave Desert is home to Death Valley, the lowest elevation in this side of America, and it is one of the most curious areas in the world. With virtually little to no signs of civilization for a couple of hundreds of miles, it would be pretty terrifying to get stuck out there without food or water, but when you are on a tour from Las Vegas to Death Valley with a great tourguide, a fast jeep to ride on, and lots of complimentary food and drinks to take with you, you’ll have a fantastic time.

For about US$200-250, depending on which tour company you’ll employ to take you there, you can see for yourself the beauty despite the harshness of nature and the ravages of remote silence.

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