What’s Cookin’ at Central Michel Richard?

Vegas is the center of entertainment and fine dining. Every tourists and local gets a load of Caesar’s Palace at sometime in their stay in the Sin City, but there is something rewarding about the restaurants that make the sins worthwhile. And one of those restaurants is the Central Michel Richard at Caesars Palace which has introduced nine fine and succulent dishes to its 5-star menu.

You’re in for a treat with even just the appetizer, the gigantic serving of U-10 scallops which has 10 fresh scallops over chili white bean and roaring pepper sauce. Its three newest main entrees are the Altantic Salmon with pecans drizzled with butternut and squash sauce, Chilean Bass and crispy noodles with chili lentils, plus the legendary slow-poached fried chicken with mousse and fresh bread. This chicken has been dubbed as the best of the country. Finally, for the dessert, there is the thee-layer cake made of pure chocolate love, dried cranberries as well as vanilla ice cream with pralines.

The Central Michel Richard culinary genius is none other than Chef Todd Harrington who is one of the developers of the famous Central menu and is the brains behind the new items that you would sell your soul for!

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