The Quad Las Vegas: The Hotel Casino that Magic Built

The Quad was built on the legendary Las Vegas magic that enabled builders to establish it in almost a blink of an eye. Now, the Quad is crowded to the maximum with curious guests and supporters with a drink on their hand from the Catalyst Bar and Q Wine & Spirits, with that twinkle in their eyes to try out the all-new Casino Area.

If you’re looking hitting The Quad, it is nearby Carnaval Court of Harrah’s Casino Hotel. The now defunct O’Sheas is where the casino is located, so it is a familiar place for those who know O’Sheas before. What makes The Quad surpass all other casino hotels is the Catalyst Bar that promises to be the “It Place” for all Las Vegas happenings and the city’s ever-popular nightlife scene.

Keith Burns, The Quad Hotel Director, is one of the major fairy god mothers in this supposed overnight magical transformation. He and the many movers and shakers of The Quad has completely mapped out everything that needed to be filled in, built and stocked. Even for the Q Wine and Spirits store, they have planned something along the line of a complete and thorough stocking of all the best wines and the finest spirits that is unparalleled in the city.

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