Nightlife at the Palazzo

The Palazzo is home to LAVO, a premier nightclub and celebrity hangout that has been gathering lots of buzz as Las Vegas’ new hotspot.  LAVO is a massive club, including one of the best Italian restaurants on the west coast. In addition to the several massive floors of loud nightclub space, there are also more intimate lounges in LAVO. The Palazzo also provides access to the neighborhing TAO night club in the Venetian.

In addition to nightclubs, the Palazzo is full of bars, including their famous V Bar which was voted the best hotel bar by City Search two years in a row. If there’s a sports game or race you want to watch,  you can head to Lagasse’s Stadium, a lively sports bar conveniently close to the sports book.

If you are looking for a perfect cocktail, check out the Fusion mixology bar specializing in cocktails with rare spirits from Central and South America. Of course if you are looking to just relax with a cold drink, you could head to a more low-key bar like the Double Helix or you could just relax by the Venetian pool at the TAO Beach bar, where you might just run into a celebrity like Jessica Simpson.