Zip through the air like a witch sans broomstick with VooDoo Skyline Zipline Las Vegas

The Rio Las Vegas hotel is a heart-stopping accommodation in Las Vegas. It is known to host the newest attraction that will send you speeding into the air with nothing more than just a rope knotted between two buildings. The zipline is called the VooDoo Skyline which is set to... Read more

Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace Star-Studded Grand Opening

Last April 28, Nobu Hotel had their grand opening with its ornate stalls bursting with bright stars; Hollywood’s best and brightest stars, that is! All the glitz and the glamor were concentrated at the magical and uber-sleek Caesars Palace. The Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace is... Read more

Play Blackjack with a Splash at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas

The Caesar’s Palace is by far one of the most iconic Las Vegas landmarks, and it’s not just because of its imposing structure or its brilliant lights at night, but because of its luxurious amenities that are a cut above any other amenities you can find in other Las Vegas... Read more

Monthly Mouthfuls: Harrah’s KGB Burger Promo!

When dining out in Las Vegas, you just can’t miss out on Harrah’s ultimate foodie promo at KGB Burger and Vodka Bar. The scent of hot-off-the-grill beef, roasted peppers and onions, cheese and tortilla are all too appetizing to pass up. Who can resist a perfectly toasted... Read more

The Quad Las Vegas: The Hotel Casino that Magic Built

The Quad was built on the legendary Las Vegas magic that enabled builders to establish it in almost a blink of an eye. Now, the Quad is crowded to the maximum with curious guests and supporters with a drink on their hand from the Catalyst Bar and Q Wine & Spirits, with that... Read more

Taking things Above and Beyond: Stratosphere Tower Hotel Las Vegas

The imposing thousand-feet tower is one of the most well-known and iconic landmarks of Las Vegas, and more importantly, is a stunning hotel that provides accommodation and entertainment unlike any other hotels in the city. What sets Stratosphere Tower above its competition is... Read more