Caesars Palace Las Vegas


Veni, Vidi, Vici, I came, I saw, I conquered, that’s what you will be saying after staying at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. ‘Caesars’ is pluralized, because at Caesars Palace, every guest is treated like a Caesar. One of the most famous hotels on the strip, Caesars is a beautiful fantastic escape to the excesses of the Roman Empire. From the Garden of The Gods Pool Oasis, where you can swim and bathe among beautiful Roman statues and fountains. The Qua Bath and Spa is a destination spa in Vegas, and it’s at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Caesars is also home to the PURE nightclub, often called the #1 nightclub in the country, most recently by the E! Entertaint Television channel. The Shadow Bar features famous cocktails served while silhouette dancers shake their stuff behind a veiled screen. Climb aboard Cleopatra’s Barge for a party aboard a Nile riverboat.

At 129,000 square feet, Caesars Palace Las Vegas has one of the largest and most popular casino floors in the United States. The Caesars casino has been the site of more million-dollar plus jackpot slots than any casino in the entire world. Caesars’ 8,500 square foot poker room is the largest in Vegas and it’s also the only Las Vegas casino ever to host a World Series of Poker circuit event. They also have one of the biggest race and sports books in Vegas with twelve by fifteen foot screens where you can watch all the action live.

The deluxe rooms at Caesars Palace Las Vegas are modern, royal suites who’s beautiful accommodations have been shown in several Hollywood movies. The Caesars penthouse suites are unique, unparalleled palaces featuring statues, fountains and an incredible view of Las Vegas.

The legendary Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace has hosted some of the world’s most legendary performers, and that tradition continues to this day, featuring performers like Jerry Seinfeld, Elton John, Janet Jackson and Paul Simon. Before the show, make sure you get a good meal in. Enjoy a delicious Southwestern feast at Food Network Star’s Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill or have a taste of genuine New York Italian at Frank Pellegrino’s Rao’s restaurant.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas is an internationally famous Vegas resort where hotel guests are transformed into Roman Gods for the extent of their stay. Whether you are interested in gaming, nightlife, fine dining, rest and relaxation, or the total package, Caesars Palace Las Vegas is a top choice for distinguishing vacationers.